Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Flight School


Natasha's Story

When I was young, visiting my grandparents in California, one of my favorite things to do was hang out in my grandpa's office when he wasn't working. Hanging from the ceiling in the room was about six different types of aircraft – Huey helicopters, fighter jets, and passenger planes. One of my favorites though was the SR-71 Blackbird that hung right above his desk. Since they were handmade models I was never allowed to play with them, but I would sit in the room and imagine myself going on elaborate missions in that black-as-night jet. Since the first time I went on my first imaginary mission in that jet I have wanted to get my feet off the ground.

Corvallis Aero Service just seemed to fit into my life when I started training in 2010, and it was so easy to get started. The first time I went to the airport office to get information I thought I would be met with skepticism and have to go through copious amounts of paperwork and ground training before getting to go up in a plane.

What happened then though was completely the opposite – The day I went into the front office was the day I met my instructor and scheduled an introductory flight. Within a few weeks I was flying to different airports, landing the plane without my instructor taking the controls, and learning the language of the radio. It didn't take long to get to know everyone who worked at the airport. They are a great group of people. The relationships I have built with my instructors and others at the airport are based on a more-relaxed dynamic. At the same time, my connections with them make me strive to be professional and dedicated to flying.

One of the best choices I have made in life was to start flying – a hobby that has grown into a passion that I will turn into a career soon. Corvallis Aero Service has shown me that aviation can be for anyone who has the willpower to make it happen.